Career Tree

  1. ID like to be a photo editor because I like experimenting with the fx and the image and its opportunity to make unique pieces of art.
  2. Identifying photo needs, creating a production schedule, hiring photographers, coordinating assignments, distributing work, approving images, Editing and positioning photos, Operating specialized software and equipment
  3. In LA the median yearly salary is $71,000 Photo Editor Salary in Los Angeles, CA |
  4. The endless creations you can make with your imagination and you’re liking. You can also persuade people with your art which im tryna do.
  5. I would need a bachelor’s degree in photography or graphics design.

Camera Modes

Automatic Mode: Auto mode selects its own best adjustments like its shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and flash to take the best photo.

Portrait Mode: Portrait mode selects a larger aperture to help keep your background out of focus.

Macro Mode: Lets you take close up shots of your subject.

Landscape Mode: It selects the smallest aperture to get the widest view.

Sport/Action Mode: Is ideal to take pictures with moving objects.

Night Mode: Used to shoot in low light settings and has a longer shutter speed for better a detailed background.

Movie Mode: Extends your camera to capture still images and make them moving images.

AV Mode: Aperture Priority is semi-automatic you choose the shutter speed, white balance, ISO, etc.

TV Mode: Shutter priority mode is when you select your shutter speed and the camera choose all the other settings.

Manual Mode: In manual mode you have full control over every setting.

White Balance

White balance is the process of removing or neutralizing colors. When pictures have different temperatures or tint white balance is used to make the photo more natural. White balance is just color temperature correction.